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Sally Feeney

Sally Feeney SRCh., MSCH., FRCPodS., MSc      

Consultant Podiatric Surgeon


Ms Sally Feeney is a Private and NHS Consultant Podiatric Surgeon whose main focus is the surgical correction of bunion deformities, hammer toes and arthritis related problems. In addition, she is very involved in the management of complex foot conditions and diabetic related complications.


Ms Feeney has a particular interest in improving the alignment of the foot and helping her patients return to normal activities as quickly as possible. Bunion deformities trouble ladies in particular and prevent them exercising comfortably and wearing nice shoes. Ms Feeney reduces the bunions and hammer toes via cutting and realigning the bones. The procedures she performs are straightforward and are associated with very little pain. 


As a previous British triathlon champion she has a particular interest in sports injuries and focuses on biomechanical related problems. She performs gait analysis and provided both custom made bespoke orthotics and simple semi-bespoke devices depending on the patients needs. Ms. Feeney works closely with the local physiotherapists to facilitate a quick recovery and return to exercise and normal routine.


Ms Feeney is both a national and international speaker at conferences and a recognised surgical tutor. She has an interest in research and stays up to date with current trends to ensure her patients receive the most up to date evidence based treatment and the best care possible.


Professional Membership -

  • The Royal College of Podiatrists 

“After years of being told that it was better to live with the pain and discomfort cased by my unsightly bunion rather than treat it, I was delighted to hear from Miss Feeney that I didn’t have to. She both reassured and guided me through the whole process from consultancy through to post operation and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Thank you for getting me back into my party shoes!"

The Marlow Podiatry Clinic


BMI Chiltern Hospital

BMI Shelburne Hospital

Berkshire Independent Hospital

Spire Dunedin

The Marlow Club


BMI Chiltern: 01494 890890

The Marlow Club: 01628 474761



07732 695131

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