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Toe Deformities

An abnormally shaped toe can rub against adjacent toes or be irritated by your footwear.


Symptoms include soreness between the toes, over the prominent joint or at the tip of the toe.  Hard skin or corns may form and there may be associated damage to the toenail.



This is a clinical diagnosis made by the examining the foot, X-rays are not normally required.


The exact cause may be unknown


  • Poorly fitting or unsupportive shoes

  • High or low arched foot type

  • Previous injury such as a fracture

  • Increased length of toe in comparison to adjacent toes

  • Older age

  • Medical conditions such as diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis

  • Genetics – it may run in families


For more information on treatment options for toe deformities and recovery, please see the attached document

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